Recently, Xiaomi just announced about Xiaomi12 Series’ global launch. They announced they would announce that Xiaomi 12 series would launch on March 15 globally. The event’s launch will be streamed live online on the official Xiaomi website, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

The company hasn’t yet disclosed the smartphone models which will launch worldwide. We predict that they’ll release Xiaomi 12 as well as 12 pro and 12X. There is no likelihood of Xiaomi 12X launching. The anticipated release date is Q2 2022. The three models will be released in China.

There is a possibility that there is a chance that a Xiaomi 12 mini will also be launched at this massive twelve series launch event. There is speculation that there will be additional smartphones that are new to the market.

The most important selling feature of this series smartphone is the camera setup. Xiaomi 12 series ‘ global launch event will showcase the exclusive camera system. The 12 series comes with a stunning back and front camera that has the primary sensor of 50MP that have ultra-wide and telephoto sensors.
All of them have Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets. Xiaomi 12 and 12 pro come sporting Snapdragon 8th generation 1 SoC, while Xiaomi 12X is equipped with Snapdragon 870.
While there isn’t a clear date for the price, we could speculate it is likely that Xiaomi 12 series pricing will range from $800 to $900. The price of the flagship model is a bit high, but we expect $1300.

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