Why Bad Behavior Trends On Social Media?

Is it because people are so quick to speak their minds without considering the consequences? Are social media networking websites becoming worse because of bad behavior?

My question has been bothering me for a while, ever since I received a blue badge on my profile, which is rare in subcontinental profiles – whenever I comment on a profile or a page, it gets highlighted and noticed. My profile is certainly not the same as before the blue verification tick appeared on it, but the online challenge is also a bit bigger.

I am getting mixed reactions when I comment on different posts. However, some individuals agree while others disagree for no other reason at all. Unfortunately, some individuals even get personal. As a brown person, I’ve been pointed out for my race, my country and the news it’s surrounded by, my religion, etc.

Why do people feel comfortable expressing their thoughts online?

To begin with, let me clarify – I’ve always been a fan of a few international news and technology pages, as well as a few celebrity pages. I follow a few US news channels as well as sports, technology pages, celebrities, and politicians closely.

I noticed. People who disagree with your comment or thoughts will go to lengths to pull you down, in the name of freedom of speech. Your ancestors will ask “where the heck did that come from”?

The most valorously unflinching comments would come from the profiles that are more perfect than realistic, absolutely idealized to say the least. Such people accentuate the positive in their online social media profiles.

Ideal profiles are more likely to engage in conflict online. Their only explanation for their behavior is they are more comfortable stating their adversarial views on social media than with a face-to-face conversation.

A lot of comments people make on social media when they disagree with something were deemed private or of absolute personal nature in the past generation.

In the digital age, the selection of words has changed due to social media platforms and trending online behavior. Indecent words aren’t offensive anymore. Truth is, you should express yourself in the way that feels best to you, it is your keyboard, your internet, and you decide what rules to follow. 

Despite the public’s interest in bad, awkward behavior being nothing new, social media provides a vast new venue for incivility to be published and acknowledged.

We need to be worried about the bad attitude and irrational behavior we see on social media affecting the real world as well.

While we are taught to express our opinions politely and in a nice way, on social media people are taking the liberty to express the opinions they feel fit best.

There is a huge disconnect between real life and virtual life. It is natural for bad online behavior to have its effects on real-life too, albeit not anytime soon, or so soon. It makes one wonder if social media provides a means to express one’s opinion or disagreement and relax their nerves and feel at ease in the way one may have desired? I might speak out loud, but I would like to explore all possibilities so that I can determine what exactly is going on.

The techy aspect:

Even though my statement might seem bizarre, I think I can safely say that, in addition to not giving a logical explanation for such odd behavior on social media, there could well be another reason for such behavior: turning others interested in the topic into participants as well.

In my experience, two negative comments invite dozens more with similar attitudes as if they were birds of a feather flocking together.

A negative comment was liked in large numbers at some point. The individual was encouraged to follow this trend after he or she saw a bad tweet or post shared widely.

Getting recognized for pseudo-intellectualism on social media is a great accomplishment for someone who is just an ordinary person in real life. Despite feeling pride, they continue with this trend and enjoy the massive engagement, likes, and shares, and most importantly, people agreeing with them.

Such negative behavior begs the question, why do people follow this mob of negative comments? Does that give them comfort, perhaps their suppressed hidden feelings, or perhaps they don’t really mean it, they just follow the trend?

There are many reasons for this irrational online behavior, but the truth is, the words that were deemed private are coming out, and the negative online behavior could turn into a reality, which everyone should be concerned about.

Those who disagree with each other should express their disagreements in a gentle manner. It’s important for them to be careful about what they post on social media; what they post could be used against them in a real conversation where they behave nicely unknowingly; social media often reflects their true selves.


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