Nail trends come with the latest modification styles for nails that can help you to increase your hand’s beauty. Beautiful nail trends can provide you with new fashion tips that you can match your wear fashion to make perfect matching. Here you get the new 4 nail trends.

2021 has just arrived, and social media is already blowing up with all types of new trends. So get ready already! Take a second or five, have a look at your nail beds. Are they polished? Are they neat? Are they ready for a new year of possibilities filled with opportunities?

If you have no answer for any of the above questions, then you need not worry this guide right here is to get your nails and you ready for the upcoming year and opportunities. From metallic with a touch of Matt finish to press on that will make you feel fancy on a lazy day, your nail job awaits.

Metallic with Matt

Now this is a new type of wearable nail trend that tones down the sharpness of the metallic without giving it a completely Matt look. This look is perfectly absolute for those who want to wear metallic but think that the shine is reserved only for the holiday season. The simplest way to pull of this look is to put on metallic nail polish and finish it up with a coat of Matt finishing.


As we all are trapped at our homes, and can not got to the salons for our Manis. The Press On nails have come to our rescue! They than fake a pro Mani at home in no time. It doesn’t matter for which design or shade you are going for, the application is super quick and the look is epically flawless . The extensive nails done in the salons can take much of your time and are very expensive, where as the Press On’s are ready to go and are quite cheaper. How cool is that!

Multi coloured manicure

2021 is all about bold statements and thinking out of the box, and people are also intending to apply this mentality in their manicures by painting each of their fingers with different colours. This is for all those folks who want to set bold statements. To follow this nail trend all you need to know is how to paint you nails, this is the far most easiest way to draw attention to your nails. You can do different things with this trend, you can select random colours or you can start from the darker tone and move towards the lighter tone nail by nail to create an ombré effect which honestly looks spectacular.

The Naked Manicure

2021 seems like the year of healthy nails! The Naked Manicure is defined as a trend of beautiful, and healthy nails with a coat of clear polish which is entirely optional. This year we seem to be having more focus on the natural look of are nails, and to be paying attention to their health rather than or frequent visits to the salon for nail extinctions. Especially with the salon access being limited due to COVID-19. The Natural beauty of nails requires special care so a very good luck with that.

Tips for Healthy Nails:

  • Minimize exposure to water
  • Apply nail oils
  • Do not trim your cuticles
  • Clean your nails regularly
  • Avoid to many chemical product’s
  • Keep your nails hydrated
  • Be patient with your nail growth

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