Babar Azam Finally Scored Test Century After 2 Years

Recently Babar Azam, captain of Pakistan cricket team Babar Azam has finally scored an innings century in a test match after two years of lapse. He hit a century on the day in Karachi national stadium in the match against Australia. It marked the six century mark of Babar Azam during an international match. He […]

Punjab Traffic Police Finally Switching to E-Challans to Stop Corruption

According to official sources, the traffic police wardens are scheduled to begin to issue electronic challans on the 23rd of March. Additionally, the manual system of challans will cease to be in use. The electronic challan system will be implemented in Punjab not just to improve the efficiency of the traffic police system easier to […]

Online HFC Pak Trading App Scams Billions of Rupees

HFC Pak Trading App has defrauded a huge number of Pakistani residents. The internet-based misrepresentation is said to have cost these people Billions of Rupees. As indicated by the subtleties, these individuals put Billions of Rupees in the HFC Pak Trading App bearing in mind the end goal of comparable returns, be that as it […]

Ghent University Fully Funded Scholarship Europe 2022

Ghent University is a modern university that offers many international courses. Founded in 1425, it has 22 departments and five faculties with more than 14 thousand students from all over Europe studying humanities as well as social sciences to prepare them for career paths after graduationGent also teaches engineering skills such as medical science or […]

Jobs for People Who Want to Work on the Road

It’s not just the thrill of travel that sparks our wanderlust. Modern technology has made it possible to work from anywhere with an internet connection, and many people spend their days exploring new cities in a virtual sense rather than actually going somewhere exotic for vacation! This is especially true if they have steady employment […]

Government Of Colombia Scholarship 2021-2022 | Fully Funded

The Colombian Government is now accepting scholarship applications for the Academic year 2021-2022. The scholarships are open to students from around the world who wish to undertake a Master’s or PhD degree program in Colombia! The Colombia Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship which means you won’t have to worry about the cost of your education.This […]

Central European University Fully Funded Scholarship in Hungary 2022

I am writing to let you know about an amazing chance to apply for fully-funded scholarships to pursue your master’s degree in Hungary. Scholarships are available in the fields of mathematics, natural sciences, legal studies/public administration, business administration, and engineering. A CEU Scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate academic excellence and outstanding leadership potential. Check […]

Ruby on Rails Developer

We are hiring Ruby on Rails Developer. e: noor@apptimumlabs.comSalary Starting : Min 80kExperience Required: 1-2 yrsFor company details inbox.#rubyonrailsdeveloper #rubydeveloper #github #html5 #css3 #rubyonrails #hiring #lookingfornewopportunities #lookingforchange #betteroptions

Why Bad Behavior Trends On Social Media?

Is it because people are so quick to speak their minds without considering the consequences? Are social media networking websites becoming worse because of bad behavior?

5 scientifically proven stress-reducing techniques


When most of us think of stress, we think of zoning out in front of the TV and watching something that can make us happy as a way to relax. It does not help to recover from the damaging effects of stress, so this is not a good method of coping with it.

44% of Pakistani prefer business over jobs. Prince Trust International reports

 Young Pakistani professionals are shifting their preferences for work in a big way. Pakistanis between 18 and 36 are more inclined to do business than pursue government or private jobs, according to a report by Prince Trust International. The report, by a London-based outfit dedicated to developing new skills in young Pakistani people, provides interesting findings of the youth in their country.  

Global Student Entrepreneur Award 2021-22

The Global Student Entrepreneur Award is open to young and talented students around the world and is a potential socioeconomic development startup. If you have had a startup in the last 6 months or more, we encourage college or university students to apply. First, applicants must complete a local GSEA competition in their home country […]

Innovative Marketing Ideas For Tech Brands

In any marketplace, standing out and being noticed is challenging enough. But how do you market your tech brand when you’re in the technology marketplace? And what are your marketing methods?

Its syllabus is outdated, so Asia is outdated

Those years before 2000 were the best. The education system turned out scientists, engineers, and doctors. They made their names and their country famous in their respective fields. As of the year 2000, technology was advancing rapidly. Social media, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and now blockchain has created new avenues for earning and living. The […]

Saudi Arabia announces 600 Scholarships for Pakistani Students

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced 600 full scholarships for Pakistani students to study Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. A statement issued by the Pakistani Embassy in Saudi Arabia said that students residing in Pakistan and legally residing in Pakistan can apply for the scholarship. Scholarship application process: Students must apply directly from the […]

University of Hawaii Scholarships 2022 in USA Fully Funded

The University of Hawaii Scholarships 2022 in the US Fully Funded is now open. As we all know, the University of Hawaii is a great place to go to school. The University of Hawaii offers hundreds of dollars in scholarships and there are many ways to get them. The University of Hawaii offers a large […]

University of the Pacific Scholarships, USA, 2022

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Chevening OCIS Fellowship 2022

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