According to official sources, the traffic police wardens are scheduled to begin to issue electronic challans on the 23rd of March. Additionally, the manual system of challans will cease to be in use.

The electronic challan system will be implemented in Punjab not just to improve the efficiency of the traffic police system easier to navigate, will also help in eliminating any corruption, and will permit all challan data to be integrated.

In order to replace the old challan books, police officers are soon to get equipped by smart printers.

The traffic officials said that in the case of violation of lawful traffic in Punjab and the province of Lahore traffic wardens would make slips using apps on their smartphones and print them using smart printers through an internet-based system according to the traffic authorities.

In addition, the e-challan should include the details of the challan officer and beat, along with all personal details of the person who committed the offense.

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