PTI Supporters Mock United Opposition by Making ‘Pakistani Beggars’ Website

The current Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif’s use the expression “beggars cannot choosers” drew huge outrage throughout Pakistan. The statement is without doubt, unwise currently in Pakistan’s political environment. But a professor at Brown University says that a deep investigation and an analysis of what prompted Sharif. Sharif to commit such an omission in the strategic plan of action is needed. After the ousting of former PM Imran Khan, his supporters across the country were furious and fought in opposition to his United Opposition. To make fun of the opposition and PM, PTI supporters have made an online site titled ‘Pakistani Beggars.’

PTI Supporters Mock United Opposition by Making ‘Pakistani Beggars’ Website

The Website’s homepage begins by welcoming the viewers with “mere Aziz Bikhario. Then, you will be viewing the picture of the President in the background. There are four additional sections, including the top beggars as well as ways to be a beggar Hall of shame and PB awards. They include a variety of Pakistani politicians like Fazl ur Rehman Fazl ur Rehman, the PM Shahbaz, Bilawal, and numerous others, as you will see in the pictures.

At different levels of debate in the public, there is a discussion of the terrible economic performance of Pakistan every year, yet no discussion about the best way to improve it has been held.

In comparison to its neighboring countries India and Bangladesh, Pakistan has been doing the worst. In the past 30 years, the recession has intensified. Between 1990 between 2022 and 1990, Pakistan saw ongoing political chaos; a coup by the military took place, and several democratically-elected governments ran the country.


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