The top famous Pakistani punjabi singer Naseebo lal, that comes with a new way of singing. This Pakistani singer is listed in the list of top top Pakistani singers. Recent PSL song “Groove Mera” was hit and comes on tending.

Naseebo Lal Happy After Getting a Chance to Sing PSL Anthem:

Shampi Daku Tweet | Naseebo Lal | PSL Anthem

Anthem And The Netizens Are So By Her Side

When we talk about controversies how can we forget about the reaction the sixth PSL anthem has received blowing up the whole internet. Even after weeks the anthem is all the netizens can talk about. The singer Naseebo Lal in her recent interview told how proud she is to sing Groove Mera and she is so happy that it became such a hit.

According to the elderly singer she became a part of the anthem just for Pakistan and how the toughest high notes were given to her and she slayed them. “I never thought it would become so popular and all this success is because of Allah. When the PCB called me, I couldn’t believe it. Because I have never been offered an anthem before,” she disclosed. She also expressed how petrified she was that the song won’t be a success saying,“ I was so afraid people wouldn’t like it but they loved it and I am so grateful.” With tears in her eyes, the singer relayed how she was approached because of her vocal range. “The makers said, ‘Only you can sing in this pitch’ so I did. And God helped me do it.”

Soon after the release of Groove Mera the singer Naseboo Lal and the makers of the song were criticised all over the social media. Many memes were made and many mocked the elderly singer.

Tweets about Naseebo Lal | PSL Anthem

The crazy memes by netizens flooded the internet.

Tweets about Naseebo Lal | PSL Anthem
Tweets about Naseebo Lal | PSL Anthem

Many Pakistani celebrities praised and supported the singers of the sixth PSL anthem.

Tweets about Naseebo Lal | PSL Anthem
Meesha Shafi about Naseebo Lal | PSL anthem
Mirza Gohar tweet about Naeebo Lal | PSL Anthem

The former cricketer Shoaib Akhatar sheared his withering review about the PSL anthem in his recent video. “I am about to file a case against PCB. Who came up with this idea?” he commenced, “Such an awful composition and anthem. Who was the person at PCB responsible for such a song? Don’t you feel ashamed? You have scared my children. They haven’t been talking to me for the last three days.”

Consequently after his video the celebrities started calling him out. “Learn to appreciate Shoaib Bhai,” actor Naveed Raza commented. “The worst virus is a human, dehumanising another human. Prevention is better than cure. Groove Mera is a solid stadium feel the song.”

The famous singer and actor Farhan Saeed said he respects Akhtar’s opinion but it is a stupid one. “It’s his opinion, that’s okay! He has the right, but that’s a stupid opinion is what is my opinion,” the former Jal frontman shared, adding, “This song will be a winner in the stadiums, mark it! Well done Xulfi, Aima Baig and of course Naseebo Lal. Great effort!”

Haroon Shahid had a few thoughts as well. “This guy talks about aesthetics! Here’s a guy who commentates in English defining ‘Groove’ for us in musical terms,” the Verna star shared, adding, “PS: Groove by any definition does not mean Naali! We all know where this is stemming from. Pathetic to see such pettiness. Still love Shoaib for the bowler he was!”

After the emotional video of the singer Naseebo Lal went viral many netizens sootd by her.

Tweets about Naseebo Lal | PSL Anthem
Tweets about Naseebo Lal | PSL Anthem
Tweets about Naseebo Lal | PSL Anthem

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