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Ducky Bhai has found his ‘Ducky Bhabhi’ — the vlogger just announced his nikah

Vlogger Saad Ur Rehman, popularly known on YouTube as Ducky Bhai, has tied the knot in an engagement plus nikah ceremony with Aroob Jatoi.

“Alhamdulillah got engaged/nikkahofied to the love of my life Aroob Jatoi,” the YouTuber captioned his post. It featured the glammed-up couple sitting side-by-side with a backdrop of fairy lights and roses.

Jatoi posted a photo of the ring exchange and captioned it, “Alhamdulillah.”

Fans were quick to welcome their “Ducky Bhabhi” in the comment section.

YouTubers who vlog together, celebrate life’s milestones together. Zaid Ali T, Shahveer Jafry and Ukhano were among the vloggers who received an invite to Ducky Bhai’s engagement party and showed up with their wives to join in their friend’s happy day.

“Engagement Mubarak Ducky!” Ali T captioned his post. It included a photo of him holding a ‘grieving’ Ducky and a second one with their smiling faces.

This is why one needs to have their close friends at hand for special moments — you get cute, candid snaps to look back at. Jafry tagged Ducky and added the text, “So happy for you man!”

What’s a party without a fun group photo? Ukhano posted a video of Ducky surrounded by his friends, looking crestfallen to “welcome” him “to the club” of married men.

To be a YouTuber means the highlights of your life are out there for fans to see so how could the newly nikah-ed vlogger not document his experience buying the engagement rings? He posted a vlog a day before the event, revealing that it will be engagement and nikah ceremony in one.

Ducky is a popular vlogger with over three million subscribers on his YouTube page. He is also known for his gaming channel, Ducky Extra, that has over a million subscribers. The vlogger lands himself into controversy from time to time — such as his Twitter argument with a woman who draped a Pakistani flag around her dog’s neck in August 2020 — but stays a favourite amongst his fans. He won the PISA YouTuber of the Year Award last November.


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