Online HFC Pak Trading App Scams Billions of Rupees

HFC Pak Trading App has defrauded a huge number of Pakistani residents. The internet-based misrepresentation is said to have cost these people Billions of Rupees. As indicated by the subtleties, these individuals put Billions of Rupees in the HFC Pak Trading App bearing in mind the end goal of comparable returns, be that as it […]

Reasons why to Go for Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

In this advanced time, online media has turned into a piece of day to day existence, and 90% of the world’s economy depends on it. Subsequently, web-based media is presently utilized for some reasons, albeit web-based media has turned into a fundamental part of the internet based advanced commercial center. Utilizing web-based media to develop […]

Jobs for People Who Want to Work on the Road

It’s not just the thrill of travel that sparks our wanderlust. Modern technology has made it possible to work from anywhere with an internet connection, and many people spend their days exploring new cities in a virtual sense rather than actually going somewhere exotic for vacation! This is especially true if they have steady employment […]

44% of Pakistani prefer business over jobs. Prince Trust International reports

 Young Pakistani professionals are shifting their preferences for work in a big way. Pakistanis between 18 and 36 are more inclined to do business than pursue government or private jobs, according to a report by Prince Trust International. The report, by a London-based outfit dedicated to developing new skills in young Pakistani people, provides interesting findings of the youth in their country.  

Global Student Entrepreneur Award 2021-22

The Global Student Entrepreneur Award is open to young and talented students around the world and is a potential socioeconomic development startup. If you have had a startup in the last 6 months or more, we encourage college or university students to apply. First, applicants must complete a local GSEA competition in their home country […]