Punjab Traffic Police Finally Switching to E-Challans to Stop Corruption

According to official sources, the traffic police wardens are scheduled to begin to issue electronic challans on the 23rd of March. Additionally, the manual system of challans will cease to be in use. The electronic challan system will be implemented in Punjab not just to improve the efficiency of the traffic police system easier to […]

Who is Fatima Tahir and What She Has Done

Who is Fatima Tahir and how has she accumulated such notices and patterns on the online media. Fatima Tahir’s hot photographs are additionally circling like out-of-control fire and she is the focal point of social news right now all over the place. Her Insta is being barraged with the adherents and the furor is getting […]

Healthy Lifestyle Tips and Tricks

Healthy lifestyle is very important to take enjoy of every moment in your life. If you are spending your healthy lifestyle than you are fit for all points of life. You listen “Health is wealth”. Its not just a line, This line contain all the sentences related to health. At the point when you consider […]

Boom in Pakistan’s automotive industry

Best automotive industry in pakistan (Boom), It is one of the popular automotive industry in pakistan due to its quality vehicles and automotive. The foundation of any country hinges on its institutions without which the state can’t function. These institutions are further boiled down to the regulatory bodies established to keep the public sector, service-oriented, […]

Perfect Choice For Fitness | Fitness Starts With What You Eat & Where You Go.

One Perfect Choice for fitness is better than two of something else. Here you got something best to maintain your fitness to maintain your body and health. You need an expert to get the best advice for exercise and food that’s counted in the perfect choice for fitness. Looking for expert-level advice? Look no further. […]

Transform your living room with sohoconcept

Transform your living room with Soho concept to give more attractive and beautiful living designs. Make your living place more comfort with soho concept furniture. Below you will read about some soho concept furniture and ideas to transform your living room with soho concept. Harmony Sofa This harmony sofa sofa looks much different than your […]