Aamir Liaquat passes away in Karachi

KARACHI: Former Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) lawmaker Aamir Liaquat Hussain passed away on Thursday at his residence in Karachi. Reportedly, the Karachi-based politician and entertainer was found unconscious at his house and was rushed to a hospital in the provincial capital. The 49-year-old was shifted to a private hospital in the port city due to his critical […]

Wearing hijab bars some Muslim students from class in India

NEW DELHI – When the students were banished last month from entering their study halls and told not to wear hijab, a headscarf utilized by Muslim ladies, they started setting up camp external the all-young ladies secondary school. The story fell across the web, attracting newsgroups to the front of the public authority-run school in […]

Shafqat Mehmood Announcement | Schools Remaining Closed (Memes)

Media is Exploding With Memes Ever since the Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood announced the closure of schools in the Punjab and KPK province (the current covid-19 hotspots) till 11th April, after his meeting with  National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) the students have gone all wild with the memes over the social media. He also comforted […]

Pakistan Day With Pakistani Celebrities

23rd  March _ Pakistan Day to remember that from where we started, The Resolution of a separate state for the  Muslims of the sub-continent  was passed. It just not a National Day but it is also a day of remembrance. National day is celebrated by folks all around the world. Pakistani celebrities are not holding back […]

Saira Yousuf Trolled For Her Natural Skin And The Twitter-ers Are Not Happy!

Saira Yousuf is taken as one of the most sophisticated, graceful and voguish actress in the Pakistani media industry. She made her acting debut back in 2011 in the famous drama serial Mera Naseeb. She has more than 1.5M followers on her Instagram and is much loved by her fans. Her audience admires her beauty […]

Pakistani Drama OSTs We All Are Going Crazy About

As so many dramas have been coming up this year, and people are so keen about their OSTs as well. Many stars of the Pakistani music industry have given us some extraordinary OSTs since the past few years and already have presented some of this year’s best. We would love to share the OSTs we have been crazy about with you!

Naseebo Lal Telling The World How Proud She Is To Sing The PSL

When we talk about controversies how can we forget about the reaction the sixth PSL anthem has received blowing up the whole internet. Even after weeks the anthem is all the netizens can talk about. The singer Naseebo Lal in her recent interview told how proud she is to sing Groove Mera and she is so happy that it became such a hit.

Zaid Ali-T’s Big Announcement

Zaid Ali-T recently dropped the “Big News” of him and his wife Yumnah expecting a baby, via an Instagram post. He said;
“We are going to be parents! By the grace of Allah, we have been blessed with a child! Today is the happiest day of my life!”

The Winter Fashion Trends That Are Already Rocking The Fashion Boat Of 2021

The winter fashion trends of 2021 already seem to be rocked by the bold and striking winter fashion trend, this winter season. The past year has been quite much for everything including the fashion world, although this season has unfolded some very bold and stylish trends. From the large blazers that scream boldness, the knitted […]

Accessories that will make you stand out into the fashion world this year (2021)

Fashion Accessories that will make you stand out in the fashion world. You can make a perfect matching with your dress by using some fashion accessories heaving great colors & styles. Fashion Accessories Accessories are something that can elevate the whole look of your outfit, they can even make your simplest outfit to look chic […]

The 4 Most Considerable Nail Trends For 2021

Nail trends come with the latest modification styles for nails that can help you to increase your hand’s beauty. Beautiful nail trends can provide you with new fashion tips that you can match your wear fashion to make perfect matching. Here you get the new 4 nail trends. 2021 has just arrived, and social media […]

Distinctive features of industrial marketing

It’s difficult to give a quick, condensed definition of industrial marketing, withoutcompletely downplaying the significance of what it truly is. We like to say thatindustrial marketing is marketing goods and services to customers. Though, thisdefinition doesn’t provide any justice still. In fact, we find that the best way to explain what industrial marketing truly is […]

Media Use For Industrial Marketing | Industrial Marketing Strategy

1 – Social Media: Despite being an example of B2C company, Everlane could open a hole to your creativity.Each of Everlane’s social media accounts works to break the barrier between the customerand their favorite brand. By illustrating how and why behind what they do, Everlaneoffers a window to the company’s culture and differs from similar […]

New Fashion Trends in Pakistan | Latest Fashion Trends | Fashion in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that faces numerous crises related to food, shelter, water etc but when it comes to Fashion, Pakistan is one of those leading country that adopt the latest fashion trends quickly. Every year, every season, a new wave of fashion trends takes place.  Pakistan includes several provinces and each province has its […]

Industrial Marketing Introduction | Use of Industrial Marketing

Industrial marketing, also known as business-to-business (B2B) marketing, is a branchof communications and sales that specializes in providing goods and services to otherbusinesses, rather than to individual customers (See also B2B Marketing). Because industrial marketing often involves large orders and long-term relationshipsbetween the producer and client, the process from first pitch to close of sale […]

Importance of Advertising

Importance of advertising in marketing or branding, We say it in simple words that advertising is the key of business. after the development of business the 2nd and most important thing is marketing that plays a big role to aware your brand to the world. Every business need to give importance of advertising. Because its […]

Healthy Lifestyle Tips and Tricks

Healthy lifestyle is very important to take enjoy of every moment in your life. If you are spending your healthy lifestyle than you are fit for all points of life. You listen “Health is wealth”. Its not just a line, This line contain all the sentences related to health. At the point when you consider […]

Gorgeous Scented Candles That’ll Amaze Your Living Space

Every home has its own scent. But not every scent is necessarily good. Maybe you have pets around who carry their own not-so-pleasant musk, or maybe you have teenagers (or even full-fledged grown-ups) around who haven’t learned how to handle their BO as yet ( stick deodorants are the answer, don’t let aerosol sprays fool […]

Boom in Pakistan’s automotive industry

Best automotive industry in pakistan (Boom), It is one of the popular automotive industry in pakistan due to its quality vehicles and automotive. The foundation of any country hinges on its institutions without which the state can’t function. These institutions are further boiled down to the regulatory bodies established to keep the public sector, service-oriented, […]

Fast Food Industry Worth & Trends

Fast Food industry is growing up steadily because the high demanding of fast foods. People like to eat fast foods from simple foods. The Fast Food industry covering the supply system of fast food well manners. There are many fast food industries that taking or holding a fast food 1- Growth of Fast Food Restaurant […]

Growth of the beauty industry in 2021

Key figures for Growth of the beauty industry: 31.3%. This is the percentage of consumers who report having bought at least onecosmetic product online during the year 2021, making the beauty sector the 4the-commerce market in terms of number of customers. In the UK and all over the world, the beauty and cosmetics industry has […]

Perfect Choice For Fitness | Fitness Starts With What You Eat & Where You Go.

One Perfect Choice for fitness is better than two of something else. Here you got something best to maintain your fitness to maintain your body and health. You need an expert to get the best advice for exercise and food that’s counted in the perfect choice for fitness. Looking for expert-level advice? Look no further. […]

Spice Bazar Near Me

Spice Bazar is located in bahria phase 4. It’s an outdoor seating area and they are properly following all the SOPs. The Spice Bazar names is now a brand when people addicted of his taste. A lot of tasty recipes at affordable budget.After eating at almost all the restaurants in Islamabad/Rawalpindi… To be very honest […]

Get the night cosmetics treatment beauty box!

Get the must-have night cosmetics treatment beauty box: Some girls want to look beautiful and applied different cosmetics products to modify look. There are several beauty boxes are available to help in treatment of skin or face care in the form of facial or message. As a night cosmetics holder, Molton Brown is a brand […]

Transform your living room with sohoconcept

Transform your living room with Soho concept to give more attractive and beautiful living designs. Make your living place more comfort with soho concept furniture. Below you will read about some soho concept furniture and ideas to transform your living room with soho concept. Harmony Sofa This harmony sofa sofa looks much different than your […]

Pinch of Yum | Best Food Blog That Share Tasty Recipes

Pinch of yum, the best food blog that shares tasty and easy recipes with a lot of taste. We got some fast food and sweet recipe ideas from pinch of yum. This tasty food blog sharing highly demanding and tasty recipes that you like to cook or eat. Do you often find yourself asking “where should […]

The Rise of Trendy Modest Clothing & Fashion

The rise of trendy modest clothing and fashion during the winter can sometimes feel like an impossible task. It can be hard to get the right balance between looking good and keeping your toes warm. That is why here at Farfetch we’ve been seeking help from some of our favorite American bloggers and influencers to […]