Distinctive features of industrial marketing

It’s difficult to give a quick, condensed definition of industrial marketing, withoutcompletely downplaying the significance of what it truly is. We like to say thatindustrial marketing is marketing goods and services to customers. Though, thisdefinition doesn’t provide any justice still. In fact, we find that the best way to explain what industrial marketing truly is […]

Media Use For Industrial Marketing | Industrial Marketing Strategy

1 – Social Media: Despite being an example of B2C company, Everlane could open a hole to your creativity.Each of Everlane’s social media accounts works to break the barrier between the customerand their favorite brand. By illustrating how and why behind what they do, Everlaneoffers a window to the company’s culture and differs from similar […]

Industrial Marketing Introduction | Use of Industrial Marketing

Industrial marketing, also known as business-to-business (B2B) marketing, is a branchof communications and sales that specializes in providing goods and services to otherbusinesses, rather than to individual customers (See also B2B Marketing). Because industrial marketing often involves large orders and long-term relationshipsbetween the producer and client, the process from first pitch to close of sale […]